The Mouse Party of Canada

Canada's newest federal political party (for mice only! No cats! No rats!)

Hello Mouse Party!


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Canadian Political Landscape looking bleak and barren

Chemtrail Mosaic

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Hello Mouse People of Canada!

Welcome to the website of Canada’s newest and funkiest political party, The Mouse Party of Canada!

As the founding party leader I would first off like to thank the former leader of the CCF party of Canada and the New Democratic Party of Canada, Mr. Tommy Douglas, for presenting me with the idea (contained in his speech “Mouseland” to parliament back in 1942) that all the voting mice in this wonderful country needn’t elect the big fat cats to run the government when the mice outnumber them. We can elect our own mouse representatives to speak on our behalf and once we have enough mouse MPs in the House then we will take the control away from the fat cats and along with the control also the cheese which we will then share equally amongst the mouse people.

Then we will truly have a government that represents the vast majority of the mouse people.

So a very BIG welcome to all the mouse voters across this great nation! Let us work together and build a new party and along with it a new dawn and a new hope for a better today and tomorrow.

Arthur Mouse Sr.


The Mouse Party of Canada


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